This is who we are. No super heroes, superstars or rocket scientists.
Just experienced and trustworthy people working
so that your company will shine like the brightest star.
Diagonal. A true Design.

since 1989.

Diagonal Design is a design and communication studio based in Lisbon. We are a versatile creative and experienced team that knows how to take advantage of contingencies. Therefore, try a partner that does not complicate, does not apologize, does not hesitate in the face of difficulties or fears commitment, a partner that presents real solutions to specific challenges and whose major competence is to solve problems.

A method that simplifies.

Simplifying the complicate

Reduce the gap between the agency and the client, favouring his input in order to create workable and profitable solutions, consistent with its systemic context.

Real time reply

Realize the client's pace and assimilate his functional profile in order to respond accurately and quickly to his needs.

Mastering the variables at stake

Know the client's profile in-depth and the reality of his market in order to reduce uncertainty about the communication results.



Between creation and maturity, we build brands that leave an impression.


From the conventional press campaign to the leaflet printed in carpet, Diagonal Design prints communication on a wide range of media, far beyond your imagination.


Social media management, web and landing pages creation, online investments profitability. This and much more, live, on the internet.


Diagonal Design has interior architecture in its genetic code. We renovate business and commercial spaces and build stands and sale points with total professionalism and rigour.
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An e-mail that solves.

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Diagonal has things to say.

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Diagonal has things to say.

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